Community Based Services

OUR COMMUNITY VISION is based on the belief that...

Together we will transform fears into freedom and trials into testimonies.  Our fears limit our vision and become a barrier to our potential.  If given the tools to address adversity, and a safe ‘container’ to process trauma, the journey to healing can begin. The journey is valuable but believing in your abilities and self-worth can empower you to walk down an even brighter pathway.  Then and only then can your adverse experiences become a platform for triumph!


Our relationships with communities, provide us with the ability to effectively bridge difference across a spectrum of fields. WE’RE DIVINE’s unique service composition supports individuals and businesses seeking assistance with building their internal capacity to address intercultural conflict, increasing community relations and becoming culturally reflective.


Individuals have the capacity to become “Divine” in anything that they are motivated to do if given the opportunity.

WE’RE DIVINE-Therapeutic Services

WE'RE DIVINE offers comprehensive therapeutic based interventions, support groups and skill development by a licensed mental health professional. Our model integrates cultural and community strengths as a strategy to decrease symptoms of trauma and increase opportunities for healing. We believe in using “Practice Based Evidence” wherein the client leads their journey to healing through Spiritual meditation and culturally reflective music, movement and arts.

Our trauma healing program will assist professionals, paraprofessionals and community liaisons with increasing their understanding and gaining skill to assist clients and community members with unpacking the impact of trauma. 

Our therapeutic based services address symptoms of Adverse Child Experiences (ACES), historical, intergenerational, racially provoked and community-based trauma.


Therapeutic Based Training's

We offer on-site tailored training's for professionals that include interventions and strategies towards healing.

Training's include but are not  not limited to:

Releasing stuck emotions

· Mindfulness and Sensory Integration to decrease stress and increase dopamine levels

· Emotional Intelligence assessment to increase self-awareness

· Readiness for Change Assessment --What does a person need to change?

· Arts as an Intervention- Strategies for Calming Children

· Relationship Based Work and the Impact on Child Development


ACES and trauma training's to increase understanding

· Understanding Adversity and The Impact of Stress/Trauma

· “Excessive Stress” Disruptupting Intergenerational Trauma

· Early Experiences Matter But It’s Never Too Late

· Parental Adversity Can Affect Young Children’s Learning and Development

· Working “With” and Not “Against” Challenging Behaviors

· Self compassion and recognizing signs of stress for healthy social and emotional well-being

Community related specialized training's

· Concepts to promote healthy development and foster cross-cultural relations

· Assisting community members in becoming “The Change Agent” in dismantling disparities.

· Promote self care, self awarness of stress, signs of compassion fatigue with professionals

· Culture, Conflict and the Community-Exploring a “New We”

Youth Outreach Services



Sister to Sister, is part of our youth outreach services for young women up to 24 years of age. Many of our young women have experienced abandonment, grief, loss, and trauma. Sister to sister assists young woman with gaining a sense of control over their lives, so they become the narrator of their lives. 

“If I can control my narrative I can control my destiny! If I can control my destiny I can choose my pathway to get there. If I have choices, then I have an opportunity to re-narrate my life!”

Sister to sister believes in empowerment through building a positive sense of self. Each participant will be matched with an individual or group sister that will provide mentoring, career development and sisterhood.


Our Belief System

I am worthy...

I matter...

I am a survivor...

I am more than...



Let Us Do The Work!

WE'RE DIVINE - will meet with your agency to develop and design a program model that meets your needs.  Our services include but are not limited to: Grief and Trauma Support, Culturally  Reflective Healing, Empowerment and Self-Esteem building and Mentoring and Career Development.

WE'RE DIVINE will create the right program for you.


Re-New Me- Support services for parents who are incarcerated


Re-New Me, our prison outreach service, goes beyond typical reentry programming. Our unique method incorporates culturally reflective healing-based support that focuses on life (re) building strategies for incarcerated parents. 

Our service delivery addresses historical, intergenerational and community adversity that individuals have experienced which contributed to their high-risk behaviors. We temporarily step back from the behavior that led them to prison to assist individuals with gaining a deeper understanding of ‘what happened’, why have they responded in such a way and where do they go from here? 

Reaching beyond re-entry starts the journey to healing from the trauma before, during and after incarceration. It gives incarcerated parents an opportunity to leave behind their “previous self’.  

Incarcerated parent serving 16 years in prison...

 “I needed the old me to die, so I could then re-birth the new me!”


Mother of child whose father is serving 5 years in prison...

“I didn’t know how to address the questions my 3-year-old had about her dad being gone. She asked why he couldn’t come home, so I told her daddy is living in his special castle for a while. I know she wouldn’t understand his prison term.”