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Our Testimony

The concept of WE’RE DIVINE was created by sisters Ms. Kamyala Howard and Ms. Chanelle Ellison. Ms. Howard and Ms. Ellison grew up in the urban inner city of Minneapolis, MN and currently reside in Houston, TX.  At an early age both were impacted by poverty, familial violence, trauma, parental mental health and early death. Both have overcome a great deal of adversity throughout their life. Their professional pathways have been driven by their motivation to overcome adversity and their passion and desire to give back! They are committed to sowing seeds back into the community. 

We may bend but we are never broken!

Ms. Howard’s experience’s as a young African American child living in a world that rejected her based on the color of her skin became her inspiration to devote her time into teaching the “Power of Authenticity”. 

Ms. Howard quote, “Despite the adversity I faced, I was fortunate to have a strong baseline of mentors that supported me, and a Southern Grandmother who nurtured me and built my self-identity. I learned at an early age that I was special, and my uniqueness was to be celebrated. I also learned very early that society did not adhere to my familial world view. As I became more professionally mature I began to experience the true meaning of Microaggressions and Professional Passive Aggressiveness. Despite societal hardships I became a confident, motivated black professional that thrives and celebrates the authenticity of self. Therefore, today I am DIVINE.

Why hire WE’RE DIVINE?

Are you struggling with working across differences and communicating effectively? 

Could you benefit from cultural bridging strategies and intercultural consulting?

Do you need support in gaining a deeper understanding of self  and others?

Has trauma impacted your life or others?

Do you need support for healing?

Have you misinterpreted clients?

Have you ever hit a brick wall with patients? 

Is your turnover at its highest peak?

Could you use assistance in increasing productivity?

 Our innovative methods assist organizations with organization “culture shifts”, dismantling barriers, change management, while building intercultural relations.