Founder and CEO


Kamyala Howard is the Founder and CEO of “WE’RE DIVINE”, President of khowardconsultingllc, and Co-Founder of African American Community of Practice. Ms. Howard has over 22 years of experience working with non-profit and private agencies creating innovative models that assist with organizational cultural change, dismantling barriers, program design, strategic planning, leadership development, direct clinical practice, and building intercultural relations.

Ms. Howard received her graduate degree from the University of Minnesota with special emphasis on cultural studies, family systems and direct clinical practice.  She is a licensed mental health practitioner certified in a range of professional training modules that aid in her inspirational delivery methods and learning.

Ms. Howard is an active member on many advisory councils and continues to build a large network through community outreach, collaborating and advocating for systems change. Ms. Howard has a history of bringing many voices to the table in creating solutions to complex challenges.  She believes, as a leader, it is her duty to establish a system that brings the voices of those on the margins to the table to ensure they are a part of solution-focused discussions to these multifaceted problems.

As an African American Professional

Ms. Howard believes her journey to authenticity has allowed her to become more culturally reflective and gain a better understanding of cultural variations. While staying anchored in one’s own cultural belief system building Self-Awareness and becoming reflective of differences is a key to growth and development; As we often bring our experiences, backgrounds and biases into our professional worldview.


As a Trainer, Coach and Facilitator

Ms. Howard challenges individuals and organizations to become their best through topics grounded in intercultural theory and development and by utilizing an intercultural framework. This gives individuals an opportunity to shift cognitive perspectives and as a result, gain better understanding of themselves and surrounding communities.  

As an Educator

Ms. Howard utilizes interactive tools that allow participants to simulate real life experiences in a supportive learning environment. The caveat she discloses to participants explains her objective; to educate, inform and spread discomfort.       

Lead Consultant

Chanelle Lynn Ellison has been supporting various communities for 13 years. Ms. Ellison holds an Associate degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  She currently lives in Houston, Texas where she is a Mental Health Technician and  provides rehabilitation support for adolescents. She is a native of Minneapolis, MN and grew up in the inner city Powederhorn neighborhood. At a very young age Ms. Ellison was forced to “survive” various adverse life experiences.  She learned early on to adapt to the negative circumstance of her environment.  She is a natural born leader and now spends most of her career advocating and supporting at-risk youth.  Her hope is to dismantle the cycles of community, historical and familial trauma.  At the prime age of 28, Ms. Ellison is more than a conqueror.  She is a huge advocate for equity, youth empowerment and community self-healing.

Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am a fighter!

I am a survivor!

I am a lot of things even a silent crier

Here I am 28 yrs. old

Glad I didn’t give up or fold

There was time I didn’t even want to be alive

I remember asking god why?

Even when I was misunderstood

All my trials worked out for my good as today I am Divine!

My Testimony

Ms. Ellison declares, “Life isn't fair, but I beat the odds

I remember hearing my teachers say I wouldn’t amount to anything

They were right I didn’t amount to anything

Because You can’t put an amount on success.