Leadership & Organizational Development Consulting Services

Our Organizational Vision


We strive to provide organizations with innovative solutions to their complex problem. Integrating a practiced based model our unique methods will create equitable outcomes and increased opportunities for growth and development.  


  • The courage to commit to the journey (process) 
  • Promoting a positive sense of self and empowerment from within
  • Creating shared meaning and understanding
  • Building internal capacity
  • Bridging differences
  • Increasing opportunities
  • Accepting the challenge

Our innovative methods assist organizations with organization “culture shifts”, dismantling barriers, change management, while building intercultural relations.  

Program Development and Design


  • Strategic planning and provide input into recommendations on key decisions for both short term and long-term goals.
  • Plan, develop and direct the most effective, economical, and appropriate recruiting processes to attract high quality diverse candidates.
  • Innovate leadership development, team development, and organizational communication programs and practices.
  • Create effective organizational practices to respond to challenges and adversity in high stress work environments.
  • Help professionals identify healthy self-care strategies  to promote positive health and well-being.
  • Develope internal and external communications .


  • Help organizations create multiple pathways towards progressive development through training, coaching, direct program development and community engagement.
  • Develop training programs, facilitate change management initiatives, and review current evidence-based practices to ensure linkage to company goals.
  • Increase program results by restructuring policies, monitoring program outcomes and develop strategic goals.
  • Measures employee performance to gauge success of programs and identify areas for improvement.
  • Develop effective, economical, and appropriate recruiting processes to attract and retain high quality diverse candidates

Intercultural, Diversity and Inclusion


  • Create intercultural training's to assist companies with working across “differences”, dismantling barriers, supporting positive change, and promoting inclusive leadership.
  • Applying various intercultural models (Bennet & Hammer) to increase organization’s understanding of culturally responsive practices and effective communication skills.
  • Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment and feedback
  • Assessing Organizational Cultural 
  • Intercultural Coaching for Leadership and Development
  • Training's and coaching to bridge differences
  • Building equitable outcomes
  • Develop a strategic framework for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Create forums to discuss the impact of historical, intergenerational and community trauma using various references  

Intercultural Communication & Conflict Style

  • Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS) assessment and tailored training. 
    • The ICS is the leading cross-culturally valid assessment tool for identifying core approaches to improving communication, resolving conflicts and solving problems across cultural differences.
  • Strategies in working through intercultural communication, conflict resolution and fostering cultural change.
  • Assess organizational culture 
  • Unpacking the impact of stress in a high demanding environment
  • Promote self-compassion and recognizing professional burnout